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Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Machine Turret punch press FINN-POWER A5S
Control Siemens 840
Manufacturer Finn-Power Oy
Location Greece
Condition Very good
Year of manufacture 2001
Ram force: 230 kN
Punch stroke: hydraulic
Stroke depth adjustment: numerically adjustable
Stroke length adjustment: programmable
Ram speed adjustment: programmable
Number of turret stations: 21 pcs
Tools: Thick Turret
Max punch diameter: 89 mm
CNC Index Tool:
Number of Index Tool stations: 3
Max punch diameter: 89 mm
Max tool rotation: 58 r/min
Max material thickness: 8 mm
Max sheet weight: 200 kg
Clamps: pneumatic 3 pcs
Max sheet size (X x Y): 2530 mm x 1270 mm
X-traverse: 2584 mm (X-42...X2542)
Y-traverse: 1317 mm (Y-25...Y1292)
Axis speed (X-axis), max: 90 m/min
Axis speed (Y-axis), max: 60 m/min
Traversing speed, max: 108 m/min
Hit speed, max:

-1 mm between holes: 600 1/min

-25 mm between holes: 320 1/min

-250 mm between holes: 140 1/min
Turret rotation: 23.8 r/min
Tool change time: 1...3 sec
Work chute (option), max part size: 200 mm x 200 mm
CNC control: Siemens Sinumeric 840D
Program memory: Siemens: 1.5 MB
Serial interface: RS 232C/V 24
Machine length x width x height (with auxiliary table): 5.4 x 5.6 x 2.5 m
Total weight: 10400 kg
Hydraulic unit drained weight: 750 kg
Oil tank volume: 330 l
Power supply: 40 kVa
Power consumption, average: 20 kW
Machine weight: 13500 kg