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Sunday, 4 June 2023


The unique integrated programmable protection stabilizing system with protection against   TRANSIENT AND CONTINUOUS PHENOMENA with complete surge and lightning protection

Protects from:
•    Lightning hits
•    Switching transients
•    Power surges(current and voltage)
•    Over voltage
•    Under voltage
•    Neutral loss

Minimize the effects from:
•    Odd grade harmonics
•    Sparkes

Save energy 5-15% (economy mode)

Protection level >90%
Efficiency > 95% (full load)


Input voltage 3x400V ±20%
Output voltage 3x400V  ±1,5%
Frequency 48 - 63Hz
Transient phenomena response time Instantly
Continuous phenomena response time 70V/sec
Lightning protection degree 1st – 2nd
Line protection level 50 kΑ per phase
Neutral protection level 50 kΑ
Mains harmonic reduction 90%
Enclosure protection level
Ambient temperature 40 °C
Working with full load Continuous
Efficiency 95 %


PRO.FI plus - N 43A (30 KVA) 800Χ400Χ1200 200
PRO.FI plus - N 75A (50 KVA) 800Χ400Χ1200
PRO.FI plus - N 108A (75 KVA) 1000Χ600Χ1600
PRO.FI plus - N 160A (110 KVA) 1000Χ600Χ1800
PRO.FI plus - N 200A (140 KVA) 1200Χ600Χ1800
PRO.FI plus - N 250A (180 KVA) 1200Χ600Χ1800 650
PROFI.PLUS - N  315A (220kVA) 1200Χ600Χ1800 750
PROFI.PLUS - N  400A (280kVA) 1600Χ800Χ1900 1.000
PROFI.PLUS - N  500Α (350kVA)
PROFI.PLUS - N  720Α (500kVA)
1800Χ800Χ1900 1.800
PROFI.PLUS - N  910Α (630kVA)
2000Χ800Χ1900 2.000

Applications :

PROFI.PLUS-N  is the perfect solution for all kind of loads.
They stabilize the input voltage and improve the true power factor (by means of reducing losses of the loads caused of the incorrect value and shape of the voltage) while exclude the internal consumers distortions to return to the mains net.


PROFI.PLUS  systems consist of:

•    Lightning protection elements STRIKESORB-30.Surge Suppression Modules

Technical specifications : 60 kA (NEMA LS-1, Class II)

•    One PROFI.FLTER Passive input-output filter with zero time response which decrease up to 8 times the transients over voltage and over current as well as up to 50% of  the odd grade harmonics.
This filter protects from transients’ phenomena not only the consumers but also the whole unit

Voltage stabilizer made of

•    Three single phase voltage stabilizers with independent regulation. They are design to be connected to four wires net (three phases and neutral)  or after demand to three wires system(three phases).

Each stabilizer consist of
  • One motor controllable variable autotransformer which supplies the primary side of a
  • Buck-boost transformer, with the secondary side connected in series between the supply voltage and the load. This transformer adds or subtracts voltage from the mains to keep it between the permissible limits.
  • One electronic control board, supervising the input voltage and controlling the variable autotransformers motor which with its turn supplies the buck boost transformer and giving as a stabilized output voltage.

In addition

•    Economy mode
The unit through a switch stabilize the output voltage at  -10%, as a result we have
less energy consumption from the lights.
•    Artificial neutral
In the case of loosing the neutral from the net through an artifial neutral built in, the loads
will continue to supply with the nomimal voltage nad no overvoltage through earth will

•    Internal manual bypass.
•    Magnetothermic input circuit breaker
•    Thermal output fuses
•    Forced ventilation controlled by thermostat
•    Digital multimeter with indications of input voltage, output voltage, current, watts , kWh

The system is built into steel box painted with electrostatic paint color RAL 7032 protection
degree IP21, easily moved by wheels and secured at position with brakes.


As a conclusion the basic advantages of PROFI.PLUS systems are:

•    Complete lightning and transients’ protection.
•    Wide input voltage range. (± 20%).
•    High output voltage precision (±1, 5%).
•    Instant transient voltage correction.
•    Fast continuous phenomena correction.
•    Ability to withstand high starting currents (motors).
•    Absence of harmonic distortion.
•    Efficiency with full load: ~95%


The whole unit PROFI.PLUS   two years.

Stamps and Certificates.

PROFI.PLUS  units are constructing according to Harmonized European and International standards (EN , IEC) they are stamped with  CE mark according to directive  73/23/EEC,as amendment with directive 93/68/EEC, and conforms completely with the new Greek standard ΕΛΟΤ HD 384.

PROFI.PLUS is a registered and protected name and patent.

PROFI.PLUS after client demand can be escorted with certificate of performance by LLOYDS

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